• National honor:

    National building decoration industry information construction advanced units
    China Building Decoration Association AAA grade credit enterprise
    National "Shou contract, re - credit" enterprises
    National architectural decoration industry sports venues best professional decoration enterprises
    National architectural decoration industry, the best professional medical decoration enterprises
    National architectural decoration industry hotel class the best professional decoration business
    National building decoration industry green industry base
    China 's architectural decoration three decades of industry - oriented enterprises
    National quality management outstanding enterprises
    National excellent construction enterprises
    China 's architectural decoration green environmental design 50 strong enterprises
    China 's architectural decoration design institutions 50 strong enterprises
    National residential decoration industry hundred enterprises
    China 's architectural decoration industry hundred enterprises

    Provincial honor:

    Shandong Province construction quality management, safety management advanced units
    Advanced unit of construction management in Shandong province
    Advanced Group of Construction Enterprises in Shandong Province
    Shandong Province, building decoration industry advanced enterprises
    Shandong Province construction industry "top ten decorative enterprises"

    Municipal honor:

    Qingdao City Construction Engineering Quality Management Advanced Unit
    Qingdao City construction industry "to develop foreign markets top ten" enterprises
    Qingdao City construction industry "professional contract top ten" enterprises